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The 2021 City Prayer Breakfast is taking place on Wednesday 13 October starting at 8.30am. This year there will be an option to join in person (COVID restrictions permitting) or to join online.

The in person event will be taking place at Holy Sepulchre London, Holborn Viaduct. Booking details will be published shortly but if you would like to be sent an email when bookings go live, please sign up using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We will be publishing details of how you can sign up online shortly. If you would like to be sent an email giving you details, please sign up using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Hopefully you and anyone else you invite! Last year, we had over 700 individual logins during the first 24 hours of the online event going live but also know that some people were praying together with others in work and church groups. This year we hope both individuals and groups turn up in person but also that work and church groups meet together to watch and pray along too. If you would like help as to how to get the online City Prayer Breakfast to work for your church or workplace group, please email us at annualcityprayerbreakfast@gmail.com.

Please also publicise your participation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and all other social media using the hashtags #CPB #Pray4City

The theme for this year’s City Prayer Breakfast is John chapter 10 verse 10 “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly”

The in person and online events will feature contributions from Kwaku Osafo who works in the City for Lloyds Bank and the Sheriff-elect and Alderman Alison Gowman. More details are on our home page.

Yes. We will ensure that the materials from the 2021 City Prayer Breakfast are available via this website after the event.

Details of the organising committee are in the Organisers page on the website. We are always interested to hear from anyone who might want to help out and if you would like to, please email annualcityprayerbreakfast@gmail.com.

Please sign up using the Contact Form on this website or by emailing annualcityprayerbreakfast@gmail.com.

The date for 2022 is not yet confirmed but is likely to take place in October 2022.

Please do – you can use the contact form on the website or email annualcityprayerbreakfast@gmail.com.

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